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Kundli Matching for Marriage

The kundli matching for marriage is hugely beneficial and securing for bringing about all most popular types of marriages, namely, the arranged marriage, love marriage, and the inter-caste marriage. This kundli matching not only can make the proposed marriage hassle-free and promising, but can also make the married life harmonious and happy.

Kundli Matching for Marriage

Kundli matching, also known as the birth horoscope matching, is conducted to discover the degree of suitability for marriage of the two proposed partners, and the likely status of their married life in future. Problems obstructing the marriage, and issues disturbing the married life are also solvable after getting relevant knowledge from matching of the birth charts of both the partners. During last two decades, our veteran and world-famous astrologer Ankit Sharma has facilitated marriage of numerous people, and blessed the married life of thousands in India and countries across the world. In general, the kundli matching report for marriage contains the following vital pieces of information:

  • Physical and Mental Compatibilities
  • Overall Health and Longevity of the partners
  • Mutual Sexual Allure and Satisfaction
  • The likely status of Wealth and Luck of their union by marriage
  • Children
  • Any Astrological Afflictions/Doshas disturbing Marriage or Married Life
  • And, other significant things in support of and against the marriage and married life.

Best Kundli Matching Services by Date of Birth and Name

In absence of the birth chart of anyone or both the proposed partners to marriage, the match making report may also be prepared based on the Date of Birth (DoB) and (Full) Name of the two partners. Astrologer Ankit Sharma has also been exclusively renowned for providing the best kundli matching services by date of birth and name in India and countries worldwide. As is in the case of natal chart matching, in this case also, the final decision is given after comprehensive and insightful analysis of all relevant factors affecting marriage or married life. In this case, the methodology used for analysis is the Numerology, which is a branch of the broad astrology.

After deriving the two main numbers from the DoB and full name of each partner, the following four core numbers are calculated for each partner
  • Life Path Number [based of Date of Birth]
  • Expression or Destiny Number [based on Full Name]
  • Soul Urge Number [Vowels in Name]
  • Birthday Number

Then, with help of these, discovered and analyzed are the factors stipulated in the section above. Effective solutions to problems occurring in marriage or in the married life, can also be generated based on these core numbers for each partner.

Wise and responsible people may avail impeccable Kundli Matching Services of our globally-admired astrologer guru ji, just through calling over: +91-98768-16142; or sending the request for the same at: info@AstroAnkitSharma.com.

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