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Increasingly famous worldwide, Astrologer Ankit Sharma of India has the credit and distinction for having helped a mammoth number of aggrieved, distressed, and frustrated people and families of the world over through his impeccable and marvelous solutions based on vashikaran and astrology during last two decades. Consequently, come regularly every year numerous mails and reviews of appreciation and gratitude to him from the satisfied and happy beneficiaries of these services. The following are some striking testimonials sent to him by his contented and ardent clients located in India and abroad. So far, no Indian or foreign clients possessed any complaints against our expert and benevolent guru ji astrologer ankit sharma of Chandigarh (India).

Vijay Jain
Mr. Vijay Jain, Bhopal (India)Love Problem (Triangular Love Affair) [ May - 2018 ]

Guru Ji, I appreciate your amazing astrological solution, and offer sincerely my deepest thanks and gratitude! I am Vijay from Bhopal, who had met you in connection with my love related problem in December last year. Dear guru ji, I am deeply impressed and inspired by you to say that, your solution was indeed marvelous, and we both shall be grateful to you for making our dismal life, happy and beautiful. Now, my love partner Meera has no complaints with me, and she has become an amiable and loyal lover. Soon we will be tying the marital knot to lead a peaceful and happy married life together. Guru ji, with the intention to help your innumerable clients located worldwide, I must say the following things about you spontaneously and respectfully
Dear visitors, I am a graduate in information technology (IT) and presently doing a job in a private company in Bhopal. During my graduation, I had come across Meera, who was then a college student (undergoing BA in another college, named Sant Hirdaram Girls College), in love with another man residing in her neighborhood. After few enquiries and secret chases, I came to know that, the love affairs of them both was growing luxuriantly. But, after many accidental as well as well-planned encounters with her, I had fallen in her love, and was very enthusiastic about marrying her. She was aware of my constantly growing attraction and love for her, but she was not interested in that at all. She and her love partner, both belonged to financially rich and socially reputed families. After racking my brains for months for finding a solution to my one-sided and awkward love problem, I contacted astrologer Ankit Sharma for getting any elegant solution, when all my efforts in this direction went in vain. When I told him about my love life problem or complaints then astrologer ankit sharma ji confidently solaced me, saying that I would become successful in getting married to her; he also demanded my birth chart for analysis and devising the solution. After the natal chart analysis, he told me the best way of resolving the love problem in real time. Then, guru ji simply suggested me economically to wear a Blue Sapphire, along with becoming honestly lenient and generous to girl children. After few months, I heard about breach in their love affairs, and few stubborn conflicts between them. One day, when she suddenly met me, she said that she had broken all relations with that man who had misbehaved also with her parents. Her talks were no less than a boon to me, but I preferred to proceed gradually. After few fortnights and meets, eventually she agreed to marry me! Noteworthy here also is the fact that the financial situation of mine was not so good while he helped me, and soothed my bleak love life.

Ms. Muskan, Lucknow (India)Married Life Problems [ August - 2017 ]

World-famous astrologer Ankit Sharma surely deserves my heartiest thanks and well-wishes for his booming and benevolent career! He has solved my married life problem, perhaps forever, which had started to occur just three years after my marriage. The crux of the problem was ever-growing discord and discomfort in my married life, and frequent instances of utter recklessness committed by my husband. Under such circumstances, I decided to take help from Ankit Sharma Ji, seeing his international fame and popularity. After listening my domestic problem and based on my birth chart, he suggested me to wear a blue sapphire along with making donation of oil and black gram (Urad Dal) on Saturdays for at least one year. Today, my relationship with my husband is quite harmonious, succulent, and promising!

Ms. Sangeeta, Kolkata (India)Family Problems [ July - 2017 ]

I must offer sincere thanks to great astrologer Ankit Sharma for resolving my ruinous family problem miraculously! About just two years after my marriage, I had started facing some familial problems caused by my husband and in-laws. They all were trying to bring me under their strict control unfairly, disregarding and suppressing my honest and right desires and personal liberties. I had heard the name and fame of astrologer Ankit Sharma, so I decided to meet him and request for some solutions for my problem. After seeing my birth chart and palms, and pondering over my problem, he suggested me to wear a Hessonite Garnet and chant regularly the given mantra. These both had really made wonder! Just around 15 days after, my husband and in-laws were changing gradually to good and mild ones, and about six months later, they all had become sensible and supportive to my opinions and suggestions. I thank Ankit Sharma Ji again, and wish him a great career and glorious life!

Ms. Leena, New Delhi (India)Carrier Guidance [ June - 2017 ]

Once I was seriously suffering from indecisiveness and confusion related with my most promising and the best career options. I had much interest in the field of information technology, but I also had the curiosity that "was that the most suited field to me?". As I had heard much about the famous astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji of India, I opted for making a consultation with him to find the perfect and trustworthy answer. After consultation, and comprehensive analysis of my birth chart, he had emphasized that the most suitable and the best career for me was in the field of education and teaching, and also that he would give me specific measures for the most progressive and brightest career in teaching field. Then, he had given me a yellow sapphire together with the suggestion of donating the specified things on Saturdays. Today, by good graces of him, I am a very successful and respected lecturer in a private college in Delhi. I thank genius astrologer Ankit Sharma, and will be grateful to him always!

Kavita Adhikari
Ms. Kavita Adhikari, Dehradun (India)Love Problems [ June - 2017 ]

With swift and superb support of world-famous Indian astrologer Ankit Sharma, I have reacquired my lost love and lover, after losing the same mistakenly in last year. My situation was complicated enough and almost impossible to be easily resolved. Thanks to Ankit Sharma Ji! I have become a steadfast client of him for seeking astrology solutions to my all likely problems in future!!

Mr. Ajay, Baroda (India)Business Problems [ March - 2017 ]

The credit for restoring my business of readymade garments certainly goes to great astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji! His ingenious and miraculous solution has really created a miracle!! I had consulted him when I was suffering from mental unrest and a terrifically losing business; I was on the brink of ruin. But, his expert suggestion of utilizing two curative and beneficial gemstones (blue sapphire and emerald) changed my fortune forever. Guru ji, I will be thanking you always!

Miss Amisha, Mumbai (India)Love Problem [ March - 2017 ]

I must state that astrologer Ankit Sharma is really a well-learned, sophisticated, and benevolent astrologer. Through his astrology solution, he adeptly transformed my life from a distressed and paining one to a peaceful and opulent one. I had met him, when I had almost lost my love and relationship rather foolishly. Everything of my love life and personal life had withered. When contacted, Guru Ji Ankit Sharma had given me a gemstone (Pearl) together with the advice to worship Goddesses Lakshmi and Parvati, after analyzing my birth chart. His support and blessings really changed the situation in my favor, and I became successful in regaining my lost love and love partner.

Ms. Seema, Kolkata (India)Relationship Problems [ February - 2017 ]

Thanking you very much guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma! You have really paved the way for restoring harmony and concord with my partner!! Since meeting you, the relationship with my partner has constantly been improving, and I hope that we are progressing fast towards total compatibility with each other. At last, I wish you an immensely successful and magnificent career!

Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Gujarat (India)Business Problem [ January - 2017 ]

Grand astrologer guru ji Ankit Sharma is the man who saved my sinking business, deteriorating mental peace and health, and gloomy life about two years ago. Then, I was a frustrated owner of a losing and bleak business in exports, confronted with regular recessions and financial losses. I was compelled to mortgage even my house, to stabilize my business. Seeing no ray of hope, then I decided to avail business astrology services of world-famous astrologer of India, guru ji Ankit Sharma. To rehabilitate me and my business, he gave me two gemstones (namely, a Pearl and an Emerald) after analyzing my birth chart. Soon after receiving his services, my situation had started improving. Today, I am in a better position and status in business of exports from Gujarat, with immense peace of mind.

Mr. Partap, Chennai (India)Love Issue [ December - 2016 ]

Guru Ji Ankit Sharma, I give you the great credit for making my love life hassle-free and happy, and facilitating peaceful love marriage of me to the girl of my dream! After receiving your truly efficacious astrology solution, the guy who had been disturbing and unsettling my love life, has now been discarded forever. Now, along with enjoying succulent love relationship, we are prospering towards a happy and promising union by love marriage in near future. We both thank you once again and always!

Mr. Mitrishksthakov, RussiaPersonal Problem [ November - 2016 ]

I am sending this mail to represent my deepest thanks and gratitude for astrologer Ankit Sharma and his life-changing astrology services. I had met him about one year ago, when I was undergoing a rather frustrating and bleak streak of life. I had two very serious and spoiling problems related with my health and personal life. After listening carefully my problems, he suggested me few tips and therapies based on astrology and psychic healing, so that I could overcome and eventually tackle the problems. Those tips had helped me amazingly, and today I have a good health and soothing peace of mind, to make wonders in my career.

Mr. Rashid Ayan, Kabul (Afghanistan)Personal Problem [ October - 2016 ]

About 3 years ago, I was rather aggrieved at few serious personal problems of mine. I was just unable to concentrate on my work, and I was quite disappointed. Then, one of my friends informed me about astrologer Ankit Sharma and his marvelous and life-changing astrology solutions and services. On consultation, he suggested me just few but highly elegant and effective tips for permanent solution to my problems related with the way of thinking and thoughts. The tips were, keeping faith on one's hard work, thinking positively and highly always, and living a simple and affectation-free life. These tips of him really changed my dismal life into a beautiful one. I will remain grateful to great astrologer Ankit Sharma for his graces on me.

Ms. Sonia, KochiFamily Problem [ September - 2016 ]

Lots of sincere thanks to expert and kind astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji for eliminating my family problems forever! I was utterly aggrieved at conflicts and oppression occurring regularly in my home. My husband and in-laws were treating me rather unfairly for bringing me into their blind dominion. After analyzing things present in my birth chart, he gave me a mantra and just one sovereign gemstone for permanent solution to my family problems. Yes, his solutions did work nicely to make wonders. Today, I am living a life of marital harmony and opulence together with my mild and caring husband (changed by astro solutions) and empathetic in-laws.

Esha Sharma, MumbaiLove Problem [ April - 2016 ]

Thank you astrologer Ankit Sharma.... I will be thanking you always in life! My love partner has now become quite compatible and honest to live a happy and caring love life and married life with me. Your astrology solutions are really miraculous to create miracles!! My issue was rather complicated and almost impossible to be resolved.

Ms. Nilisha, MauritiusLove Problem [ February - 2016 ]

Guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma holds the credit for bringing back my lost love partner into my solitary life again! Due to some grave and stubborn misconceptions, my boyfriend had broken all relations with me, against my will and wishes. Astrology solutions of guru ji restored my love with him (my lost love partner) to pave the way for a stable and promising love life and a married life in future. At last, I thank guru ji again!!

Ms. Gautama, New Delhi (India)Career Problem [ December - 2015 ]

I offer my deepest thanks to guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma, and will remain grateful to him for propelling my career! When I had met him, I was confronted with many hassles in my career, with no progress at all. After receiving services from guru ji, the hindrances started shrinking gradually, along with slow but steady progress in my career. Today, I have attained one of the top posts in my glamorous office, with no any serious problems. Lots of thanks to Guru Ji!

Ms. Meena, Surat (India)Family Peace [ September - 2015 ]

I must firmly and gratefully state that astrologer Ankit Sharma Ji has transformed my life from a distressed and paining one to a peaceful and harmonious one with my husband and in-laws. When I met him, I was seriously suffering from regular conflicts, quarrels, and fights in my home with them, which were related mainly with finances and many other petty issues.

Ajay and Veena
Ajay and Veena, Jodhpur (India)Marriage Problem [ July - 2015 ]

First of all, we must thank guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma for making our inter-caste love marriage hassle-free and successful; without his expert support it would not be possible! The main hindrance to our inter-caste love marriage was strong objections and boycotting from our families. Guru Ji, your astrology solution not only mitigated the objections and obstacles, but paved the way for our peaceful and promising marriage also. Thanking you again, and always!

Gurinder Singh
Mr. Gurinder Singh, New ZealandCareer Problem [ April - 2015 ]

I honestly say that respected Guru ji astrologer Ankit Sharma does deserve my lots of thanks, and he is one of the best and fully reliable astrologers, I met in my life till date! The credit for making my turbulent and stagnant career smooth and booming, goes none other than astrologer Ankit Sharma. My problem was, I was not getting commensurate respect and promotion in my IT company, despite my hardest work and full dedication towards the company. Some of my seniors were regularly treating me rather unfairly, and my boss was quite reluctant towards my promotion and salary increment. After getting solution from guru ji, I got these all, to prosper fast in my career in the same company, along with acquiring due and soothing congeniality from my parochial seniors.

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