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Our sensible and honest visitors and clients of India and abroad are urged to please read on these terms and conditions, in order to eliminate the possibilities of any financial or other losses, any controversies, or any legal disputes in future, while dealing with our prestigious service firm. Actually and normally, they are supposed to be well-acquainted with and fully agreed to the following terms and conditions of our globally-famous service firm of Chandigarh:

  • All contents (both literary and graphic) on ours this globally reliable astrology website are solely meant for kind information and services to the aggrieved or frustrated people, families, and economic entities of the world over. Any of these contents may be made improved or refined by our firm from time to time without a prior notice to them. Also, since these contents are duly copyrighted, reproduction of these in any forms and to any extent, is strictly prohibited and therefore punishable.
  • Our service firm expressly disown any responsibility for the accuracy and perfection, completeness, uniqueness, or ultra-modernity of the literary and graphic contents of ours this astrology website. However, we have tried our best for making the contents of this website flawlessly perfect, entirely unique, and just impeccable in every sensible way. Therefore, any errors or defects in our contents, or any minor or partial similarity of these with the contents on other websites, must be taken as purely accidental and unintentional.
  • Hence, we are sorry to state firmly thatour firm shall not be accountable to any extent for any possible harms or damages, financial or other losses, or any controversies happened ever to our visitors or clients, through taking any significant decision or committing any solemn action solely based on the information found on this website. They are therefore, kindly and firmly advised to check the accuracy and reliability of the impugned contents with our swift support or relevant field experts, well before taking any significant decision or action.
  • The charges of our astrology services or the costs of our astrology products are subject to change without any intimation regarding this to the visitors and clients. Also, these are not refundable; however, any such monetary amount may be adjusted with the charge for or cost of any other desired service or product.
  • To discover more information related with our service firm of global fame and faith, its globally-admired astrology services and products, and our ultimate aims and service procedures, readers or clients are requested to see our Disclaimer and Privacy Policy also.

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