The heart and soul of our Privacy Policy is to preserve and safeguard the legitimate privacy and dignity of our individual visitors and clients belonging to India and countries worldwide, so that they could feel rather safe and secure after making dealings and transactions with our prestigious service-firm of global fame and reliability. We just seek to help and prosper the troubled or frustrated people of the world over through our globally-admired astrology-based solutions and products, without harming them even slightly in any way. To meet these objectives, our privacy policy contains the following salient features:

  • All trivial or sensitive pieces of information related with our any visitor or client sent to us through emails, telephonic talks, queries, or online financial transactions, etc., are maintained confidential rigorously, through making the same inaccessible to any third person or entity. These pieces of information about our any client include (Full) Name, Gender, Residential or Occupational Addresses, Email Address and IP Address, Telephone or Mobile Numbers, Financial or other Transactional Details, and Online and Offline Data connected with our services. However, in certain special cases, such as a court order, legal regulations, or mandatory compliances to any governmental norms, we may become bound to disclose some information about our clients.
  • No any member of our benevolent and prestigious service-organization is ever permitted to disclose any single piece of information related with our any Indian or foreign client, or our organization itself. Violation of this solemn rule demands rigorous punishment. Again, our organization does not ever misuse information related with its clients and visitors for financial gains, institutional or promotional advantages, or any illegal or ignoble purposes.
  • We bear no any responsibility for the contents or qualities of the privacy policies of all other websites or service-firms, the web-links or referrals of which may ever be found on any webpages of ours this globally-popular and trustworthy website.
  • However, our firm may in future opt for conducting informational campaigns or advertisements on the internet from time to time, to help the troubled and unhappy people of India and abroad. For such campaigns or ads, only few unobjectionable and harmless pieces of personal information related with some of our satisfied and happy beneficiaries will be used, after getting proper prior permission from them to do so. But, information related with our clients/website visitors aged below 13 years, shall never be used for such campaigns or ads.
  • Our service-firm shall strictly follow the rules and regulations of all those prestigious online media, through help of which we will conduct such informational and beneficial campaigns and ads on the internet.
  • Again, we may also use some types of informational cookies (pertaining to some of our happy and loyal clients or visitors) in future for the purposes of advertising, measuring efficacy of our astrology services, gauging promotional effectiveness, or for building and promoting trust and reliability on the internet. Such cookies shall also follow the rules, regulations, and conditions stipulated above. However, we are afraid, we may not control the optional usage of such cookies by any third persons or firms in future.

At last, in case of any doubts or curiosities about our privacy policy, or any wise suggestions for betterment in this, or to know the processes involved for availing our services, our enthusiastic clients or visitors may readily contact us at +91-98768-16142 ; info@AstroAnkitSharma.com .

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